Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Stantec Window Gallery: Day 5

I brought some vinyl samples down to the window today to confirm a colour choice for the drawing. I was disappointed that I didn't find the right green colour at the vinyl store (that yellow-green of maple blossoms). Their only yellow-green offering was "lime" green, an insufficient choice. I was excited when I applied the lime vinyl to the inside of the window. It was luminous and bright, just like the maple blossom colour I was hoping for. Sadly, when I viewed the colour from across the street, it had transformed back into lime green and could barely be seen at all due to the tone matching that of the greyish wall behind. It's amazing how different the colour looks on the window than in my hand.

The yellows fared much better. I had been reluctant to use yellow again, not wanting to repeat the colour from a previous installation, but it really works. Yellow radiates, as the saying goes. Yellow seems to go with buildings, especially this one, with its arrays of florescent ceiling fixtures that radiate throughout. I had a choice between "sunflower" and "daffodil". They are so similar, and look quite orange up close. But from across the street, the daffodil is a vibrant yellow, whereas the sunflower is still orange.

I forgot my camera today, so I have made an approximation of the colour choices below. I put them on a grey background to show what they looked like with the grey-white space of the gallery behind and viewed from across the street. The lightest yellow, a lemon yellow up close, looks almost white from across the street. I'm glad the light yellow didn't work. It's a discontinued colour and the store wouldn't have enough to complete the drawing.

So, daffodil it is.

I hate making decisions. I'm terrified that I've overlooked something, that I haven't seen enough colour samples or played with enough designs. I feel a heaviness in my heart. My stomach grabs. Anyone who ever said that minimal and precise work isn't emotional has never experienced making exacting choices. There are limitless possibilities. In the end, I must feel satisfied that the design and colour I've selected are right for the site. Essential. When I look back at the other installations I have done (such as Larkin and Convenience), I wouldn't do them any differently today. Still, the whole process is terrifying. It's exciting too. I'm a daredevil in daffodil.

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