Thursday, November 16, 2006

Convenience Gallery: Day 3

OK. Now I know what I want to do. Or at least I know the feeling I want the drawing to evoke. I want the space inside the window to feel like it's bending to the right, so extremely that people will want to push through the glass to see something on the right edge of the window. I want people to be pressed up to the glass, so wanting to get into the space behind the glass, that they're uncomfortable. So, I will need to manipulate the interior of the gallery - the space behind the glass - visually so that it bends to the right and forward. It should draw the viewer in and push them off to the right side (infuriatingly). So now I have a few problems: 1) how am I going to draw that feeling two dimensionally, and 2) how am I going to be able to transfer that drawing spatially to the gallery, which right now has no back wall, and is unlikely I will have a back wall. Ugh. I need a break. I'm getting a headache. OK. Back from my break and I'm working on the photograph that I took back in September of the building (I love the colour of the sky and the light). I've added the frosting on the windows and a wall in the main window to the height of the vertical above the doorway, to where the frosting is on the left side. Now this is my backdrop for my drawing. I still don't know how it's going to work, and what surfaces I'm going to use for the drawing. But I know that it will look right to have the wall in the window to the height of the window frosting rather than to the ceiling. That would be best, I think. Why is my work so exact and perfect? Psychoanalysts will hypothesize.

There. Now I've made an image I can work with. The road. It's funny, because at first I did a version that didn't have curves in it, and it looked too sterile, like it was about nothing but lines. This version has a story. It's a road (to where? from where?). Now I've just got to figure out how to make that come true in reality. I don't know yet. I have to talk to Scott to get some ideas from him about surfaces for the back wall. Also, where will the lines be located? On the glass? On the back wall? Both? Will I build a false incline, from the bottom edge of the window to the back top edge of the back wall and put the drawing on the incline (probably not: too literal). All of these questions need to be answered. I will call Scott now.

Drawing Research: Photo-concept of the Convenience Gallery Drawing, 2006

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