Friday, November 17, 2006

Convenience Gallery: Day 4

We've been discussing the colour of the drawing now. It will be coloured vinyl adhered directly to the glass this time, and I've done different colours. Scott suggested to match the grey on the front slab just below the window. That looks great. The other colour I have tested in the image is white. White looks beautiful. And with both white and grey, at night when the window is backlit, the stripes will be darker because they are opaque. They will both look dark grey - whether the colour of the vinyl is white or grey. My concern with white is that it will be too light, and will not be visible during the day. Just thought of an experiment: to put a white sheet of paper against the glass downstairs and see what it looks like against the backdrop of Flavio's sculpture. His work is all white, and should produce lighter versions of the shadows that a white wall set two feet back from the glass would. So that's how I'll see if white works. I'll go now. I'm back after testing the white. I think it's too light, not that it won't be seen from the street: it will. I think it's too light in comparison to the bar in the middle of the window. It will advance in relationship to the back wall. Actually, if I follow my colour theory, I should pick middle grey to mimic atmospheric perspective. The darkest tones and highest contrast advance to the foreground and the lightest tones and least contrast recede to the background. The background is white, therefore the black bar is foreground, and my road, well, it traverses between each. Middle grey should work just fine. Warm grey would be best, but I think that colour ends up looking like poo. So, grey it is. White looks good in the photo, so I've attached them all here for perusal. It's funny, because I think that the black is the clearest of the three in terms of the illusion and how it looks in the photograph, but for the final work, I don't think that the black will be as effective. I think that the grey will look the best.

But wait! I haven't even investigated the use of a colour yet. It's all achromatic so far. Somehow, I can't visualize a colour. There is so much red in the building, both in the convenience sign and the red brick, and a bright colour will interfere too much with the red. No, I think grey is best for this one. Now I have to start working out the measurements for the vinyl strips. I'll cut them on Saturday. I should drop by the art store today and get the vinyl. Hopefully they'll have enough and I won't have to order it in from elsewhere. Ooh, the excitement.

Photo: Drawing Research: Photo-concept: Three versions of the Convenience Gallery Drawing (black, grey and white), 2006

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