Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stantec Window Gallery: Day 29

The Akimbo listing for the drawing was circulated today. The changes I had requested did not appear in the final text. Here's how I wanted it to read:
How to enter a building continues Peterson's drawing research, her investigation into how we create and perceive space. In her drawing installations, Peterson intersects pictorial space with physical space, creating an experience of space that is both illogical and somatic.

Peterson also publishes her research notes, diagrams, photo-concepts, etc. for each installation in some form: either as pamphlets, newsletters, or online. The accompanying documentation for How to enter a building are available on a companion website,, alongside notes from a previous installation.
Minor changes, but important. Also, the subject heading is a little odd. "Kristen Peterson opens March 15...."

Most people will not notice the difference. Some people will. I once had a boss who would make the most infuriating language jokes. Me: I ran into so-and-so the other day. Boss: Did it hurt? Heh heh heh. He slowed down every single conversation with pedantic interjections. I eventually quit. Now here I am, dodging the spirit of my old boss, wanting to be precise so that someone like him doesn't look at my listing and go: “Ooh! Kristen Peterson is going to open! I hope there's someone there who can close her up again. Should I bring my duct tape? Heh heh heh.”

I am really happy with the work. I can tell from this photograph that the drawing really includes the entire building, inside and out. I love how the recession of the yellow stripes and the right-side vanishing point emphasize the interior of the building. The arrays of florescent ceiling fixtures have a complement.

Sometimes I think of my drawings as arrows pointing to an idea. My friend Yam once said that they are diagrams. I am indicating a space that exists (I think) whether my drawing is there or not.

Photo: Stantec Window Drawing: How to enter a building (or, two planes of yellow stripes drawn in perspective and joined at a right angle), 2008, hand-cut vinyl on glass

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